Sentience Media is a digital agency with a focus on vegan and animal advocacy projects. Our new website is coming soon, but in the meantime here are a few things we work on. Email us if you’d like to work with us or just say hi. 

Vegan Review

Vegan Review is a South African vegan directory built on reviews. You can find and review anything and anyone can contribute. Find restaurants, products, businesses, caterers or even tattoo parlours.

The South African Vegan Society

The South African Vegan Society is a volunteer organisation focusing on public outreach, distribution of resources, product endorsement as well as providing support for those who choose the vegan lifestyle.

The Vegan Content Collective

The Vegan Content Collective is an experimental initiative. Our aim is to create a platform for vegans (and friends of vegans) to collaborate and coordinate the publishing of content (mostly online) in order to further vegan / animal rights causes.

The BWC Humane Guide

The BWC Humane Guide is list of all companies endorsed for their humane status by Beauty without Cruelty. These companies have been audited and can prove that they do not test their products on animals.