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Animal Rights for South Africa

This website belongs to all the people and the organisations who want to see changes made to better the lives of animals in South Africa

Animals in South Africa are not recognised as sentient beings. This means they are classified as objects, and therefore have no rights. This exposes them to severe exploitation like painful laboratory testing and cruel factory farming practises.

We haven't had much time recently to update this website, but we're are hoping to start publishing more frequent and relevant updates again soon.

In the meantime we highly recommend visiting a bunch of other South African websites run by amazing people which probably have a lot more recent information on Animal Rights than we do right here.

Beauty Without Cruelty
Beauty Without Cruelty, South Africa Beauty Without Cruelty is primarily an educational charitable organisation campaigning against the abuse of animals in vivisection / cosmetic industry, the fur and ivory trade, seal culling and factory farming.

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African Vegan Outreach
African Vegan Outreach African Vegan Outreach (AVO) is a non profit organisation to bring the Vegan message of compassion and non violence to South Africans.

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Elated_logo Elated is an information table distributing free pamphlets to raise awareness for farm animals and promote a vegan lifestyle.


The South African Vegan Society
The South African Vegan Society The SA Vegan Society was formed in 2007 and registered as a non-profit organisation in early 2008. We are endorsed by the International Vegan Society and are the primary vegan outreach organisation in the country.

Our goal is to promote the ethical, environmental and health advantages of a plant-based diet.


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Please sign our pledge, not to purchase fur or fur trim due to the terrible suffering of animals

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